Getting Back on the Bike

So as usual I stopped my blogging for a little bit. Life got crazy again and other things take priority over blogging, primarily my crazy and energetic child lol. However, she's napping now so this is my opportunity to catch everyone up (like there's so many of you that follow me lol).

First and foremost, I pushed back my half ironman triathlon. I felt like I wasn't ready and didn't want to put in a bunch of time, money and commitment for something I was not prepared for. I was traveling for it and bringing my daughter who still doesn't sleep through the night and it just seemed so stressful. So instead I will be doing a local half ironman in late October. I'm actually excited to be doing this race instead and already have a support team on standby that is willing to cheer me on. Also, my daughter will be just a bit older and will probably be a little more interested in the racing environment.

Secondly, I've been racing in local 5ks and close to hitting my previous times which is so exciting. My training regiment is a bit different this time around. I train less during the week and a bit more aggressively than before. By aggressive I mean that I tend to go faster and harder instead of "conversation pace". I think the reason for this is the fact that I have limited time and need to get in as much distance as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Lastly, I got back on the bike today. It's funny. I wasn't sure if I would be scared to ride again since the accident. I mean I took a pretty nasty fall. Luckily I felt fine and maybe even a little bit more confident on the bike. Maybe it's because I feel like a veteran since I took my first official spill. Maybe it's just the fact that in the last couple of months I'm much more in shape than before. Regardless the ride today was fantastic. It wasn't very long 15-18 miles. I'm not too sure because I forgot my watch which really irritated me. Afterwards I got in a quick 1 mile run at a 7:37 min/mile pace. Overall, today was a great training day. Here are some pictures!

Riding conditions were fierce!

Just a quick brick...
Cleaned up!!

I'm hoping I can get a long-ish run tomorrow after our family photo shoot! Let's see what happens... Until the next time... Happy trails :)
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