This Week Sucked...

The last couple of weeks have been stressful at work. Well, and who am I kidding, my personal life has been insane too. After weeks of being on Mach-5, I finally lost my marbles. I'm not proud of it, but I guess it was only just a matter of time. Ugh, I even cried at work, not once, but twice. Lucky for me I got to take my aggressions out on my punching bag.

Enough about my exhilarating personal life, I'll talk about my productive workout week instead. So last weekend I didn't get my long run in because I was super sore. However, I kicked off my workout week with Orange Theory on Monday. Now, I don't remember my entire workout, but I remember it sucked. I can remember that we had three separate rounds: a treadmill round (I remember I ran .80 miles total), a weight room round, and a rower round. At the end of the workout we had to pass a 10 and 15 pound medicine ball around four times while in a squat position. It made my legs burn, but my heart happy lol!

On Tuesday I ran 4 miles. My legs were still really tired from the weekend, but I pushed through it and ended up running the entire distance in about 31:15. I ended up getting to run again on Wednesday night during run club! I decided that I really love Wednesday nights. Run club makes me so happy inside. The total distance that I ended up running that night was 3.7. My headphones weren't working that night, so I actually got to run headphone free which was kinda nice. I got to talk to people I normally wouldn't talk to which is different. Funny part of the night: when I talked to a fellow runner the entire time in Spanish. Apparently no one knew that I spoke Spanish. Hahaha - well now they do.

Thursday was the day I lost my marbles. In my defense a lot of bad crap happened and I felt physically awful. Good news was my boss pretty much picked up on my situation and sent me home to rest. My favorite quote from her was definitely "Can you just go home? You're bringing the whole group down." Even though I was supposed to take the day off from working out, I put on my gloves and beat the crap out of my punching bag. I did everything from punches, to jabs, to uppercuts. It was awesome. Thank goodness I have that contraption.

Lastly, I ran two miles today on the treadmill since it was poopy outside. After the workout I ended up picking up some weights. I managed three rounds of: 20 bicep curls, 10 bent over rows, 20 side weights, and 25 crunches with a weight. Holy crap my arms are sore... Tomorrow I'm back at the gym! Until then, happy trails!!

The Battlefrog Series is No Joke

So this past Saturday I participated in the Battlefrog Series and it was crazy. I signed up for the race at the last minute, and didn't really think about it until I woke up that morning.

So, what is this Battlefrog Series race you may ask? Well, this race was a Navy Seals 5K Obstacle Course. I thought it would be fun even though it was pretty expensive. I looked up the obstacles the night I signed up, and they looked difficult, but not too bad. The night before the race my friend, N, posted a picture of the actual course and obstacles on Facebook, and I almost pooped my pants.

I only thought there were like 7 obstacles. Well, nope. There were over 15 obstacles that looked ridiculously hard. I tried to shove them out of my head and go to bed. The next morning it hit me all at once. Holy crap, I was going to feel a lot of pain.

We get to the race and right off the bat you could see participants going through some of the obstacles. I'll admit I was excited about going through some of the obstacles, but I was still pretty nervous. Once we got to check-in the nerves started and I just wanted to get this thing over with. I had to wait for our wave to start which felt like an eternity. Finally - it was time to start.

To start the race we had to climb over a gate. After climbing over the gate we had to wait a couple of more minutes while our squad leader pumped us up. When the gun finally went off, we got started by jogging. Our first couple of obstacles weren't too bad: a wall ladder, log trunks we had to get over, and getting through a window. Once we cleared these obstacles, we headed towards the beach where we had to get in the water.

Water?? What the hell!?!!?!? I didn't know we would be getting wet, let alone go in the ocean. Maybe it was better that I didn't know. The first obstacle was carrying a heavy ass sandbag in the water like 100 meters. Afterwards we had to go over and under like 10 logs in the ocean. Once we got back on the beach we had to jump some hurdles on the beach (these hurdles were like small walls). We also had to climb slippery rocks and I of course fell and ate it. Everyone kinda gasped when I fell, and for good reason. It hurt like a bitch!!! I have a giant bruise to prove it, which I got almost instantaneously.

Once we got off the beach we encountered some monkey bars (which I successfully cleared), crawled through a tunnel (which I was small enough to bear crawl through), and waded through the water. I think I pretty much giggled the entire time I did these obstacles.

Then we started to get to the hard crap: the inverted ladders, giant walls (which I forgoed 2 of these obstacles and opted for burpees instead).  We did a bunch of other crap in between but I don't remember what the obstacles were called. I just know that it was hard, and it sucked. The inverted ladder was pretty scary, but I managed to go over it. I think it's because I just did it without thinking about it too hard. If I did, I think I would have had a panic attack like the girl next to me when she got to the top.

One of the final obstacles was a giant wall that you had to get over by climbing to the top. Once you finished climbing it, you shot down a slide to a muddy pit of water. Your last obstacle was to army crawl through mud - my favorite of course (it's really not - I hate getting dirty). You wanna know what was awesome? Actually climbing up the giant wall! Ok - I definitely had some help, but I was really close. Once I got to the top, I didn't hesitate. I shot down the slide, because it was super high up and I couldn't think about it. I'm afraid of heights. Like really afraid. I can't believe I did the obstacles I did. I was surprised at myself, and proud. Proud that I tried instead of passing on them.

Overall, the race was awesome. The check-in was disorganized, but everything else was very well organized and laid out. I would definitely want to do this race again, but I would want to train a little more with weights.  Here are some pics of the race:

I look so freaking focused.

Our mini team that conquered the course together!

My rope didn't have knots!!!

I was sooooo dirty....
I was supposed to log my long run this weekend, but of course I felt like death. I cycled for 30 minutes instead and finished up by getting in 10 pushups and 50 crunches. Tomorrow, OTF! Until then - Happy Trails :)

A Disney Weekend..

This past weekend we had a wedding on one of the Disney properties. It was nice to be able to stay near Disney after living in that area for over seven years. Even though we didn't get a chance to go to one of the parks, we managed to have a really good time.

Before heading to Disney, I had to wrap something up at work. Once I finished up at work, my husband came and picked me up and we headed on a merry way. Traffic was horrible, but we still managed to get there in 3.5 hours. Once we got into town I had to drop my husband off at the rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner was at House of Blue and I still had two hours until I had to be there, so I checked into our hotel and got ready. The food was pretty delicious, and I may have gone a little overboard on the Mac and Cheese (but it was totally worth it). I blamed my overeating on the fact that I had to run 11 miles the next morning. They called it an early night which was great, because I was going to wake up early.

The next morning I got up at 7AM for my run. Within the first mile I realized trying to find a path that would get me 11 miles was going to be difficult. First off, the Downtown Disney area was under construction and also there were no sidewalks. So I had to go on the road, in between highway pillars, and on grass and even then I was struggling to make 11 miles. Even though it was challenging, I managed to finish 11 miles. It was slower than my typical pace (I think I finished it in 1:42), I'm just glad I could get the distance in. Best part of my run: Listening to T-Swift on repeat for 1:42.

I do have to say running by Downtown Disney was pretty awesome, especially when one of the workers saw me on my way back and asked me if I was still going. I laughed as I said yes; I still had 1.5 miles left!

Overall, I had a great weekend. It was nice to also get a day off during the week. I did end up resting on Sunday (I wanted to run 2 miles but that didn't work out). However, I did get a 3 mile run in Monday morning. On Tuesday I worked out at Orange Theory where I got in 2.26 miles. I'm running tonight with my run club and will be sure to log in my miles! Oh and I can't forget last week at range Theory where I got in two miles! So far I'm up to: 31.335/100 = 31.33%. Crap! I might have to increase my runs lol

Over 100 Pushups

I did over 100 pushups today. My arms feel like Jello. What sucks even more than being sore is knowing that I'm going to get my butt kicked again tomorrow at Orange Theory. So let me tell you about my workout, and update my running total.

Today in class we had 11 minute blocks. The first block consisted of a: .10 mile sprint with 25 woodchoppers on each side with a 10 pound medicine ball; .15 mile sprint with 20 woodchoppers on each side; .20 mile sprint with 15 woodchoppers on each side; .25 mile sprint with 15 woodchoppers on each side. I finished early so I ran a little extra. Run total - .85 miles.

For the second block, we were in the weight room. We started out by doing 5 tricep dips followed by 5 walking pushups. After that rep we moved on to do 6 tricep dips followed by 5 walking pushups, etc. until we got to 10 tricep dips. Once we hit 10 tricep dips followed by 5 walking pushups, we moved on to upright rows. We followed the same layout as the tricep dips. Meaning we did 5 upright rows followed by 5 walking pushups. I almost got up to 10 upright rows before the trainer called time and we moved back to the treadmill.

The third block was almost an exact replica of my first block. However, the only difference was that instead of doing woodchoppers, we had to do a squat press in between each sprint. Run total - .875 miles.

The last block was almost the same exact workout as the second block. However, instead of tricep dips and upright rows, we did hammer curls and V-ups. Since I finished my V-ups, I actually got in one set of dumbbell arm raises.

My arms are still really sore. My total run mileage was: 1.725 miles. So, my total run is 13.075/100; 13% towards my goal! I'm still going strong :)

Short and Sweet

Today was Orange Theory day. It wasn't too crazy, but I'm bummed I only got 1.35 miles in. It was mostly speed work so I guess that short distance is okay, but still.... I need to get 100 miles in this month and I'm at 11.35/100.

In Orange Theory we had our "cardio" workout which consisted of: 3 rounds of .15 mile at a 3% incline with an all out speed (I kept a speed no lower than 10) ; 15 kettle bell swings (I had a 25 pound kettlebell) ; 10 goblet squats; and, a 200 meter row ( I did 4 of these rounds by accident). Once you were done with your three rounds you had three rounds of: 30 seconds at a 5% incline with an all out speed ( I tried to maintain 10); 8 single arm thrusters; 120 meters of squat rows. The last round then consisted of 45 seconds at a 7% incline with an all out speed (I got tired here so I kept it no lower than 9); *I don't remember the kettlebell workout*; and 150 meters of legless rows. Not too crazy, right?

I didn't get to finish my last workout of the cardio set, but that was okay, I was ready to move on. In the weight room we started off with 8 alternate chest presses (I grabbed 20 pound weights); 8 chest flys sitting on the bench; 10 chest presses on the SBT straps; and, 10 low rows on the SBT straps. We kept repeating this round until he told us to stop. The second workout consisted of 4 minutes of abs. We had to do 8 knee tucks with our legs in the SBT straps; 8 pikes; and, 10 mountain climbers. Can I please tell you that I wanted to die. Ugh. The last workout was (I forgot the first thing we had to do); 10 skullcrushers (I grabbed 10 pound weights for this); 10 muscleups; and, 6 burpees. It was insane and I can feel the burn in my muscles as I type.

I went to the Dolphins game today, so I would like count all that walking around as part of my workout. Sigh, I'm back to the real world tomorrow. I am looking forward to listening to my Taylor Swift CD that I just bought! I'm really digging that new song Blank Space.

Wow that was hard...

Today was the first time I ran 10 miles in a really long time. It pretty much sucked at the time. But, I feel pretty awesome about it now.

After my 10k last weekend I decided to run a half marathon. I found one in December, signed up, and am on my way to finish up my training. Since I'm training again, my plan was to run 10 miles this morning. Now, last week I did 6, and the week before I did 8 so I figured today my 10 mile run would be a bit of a struggle, and I was right. My run started off great. I managed to maintain about an 8:15 mile pace. But, at around 6 miles my legs started to feel tired, and I knew it was going to get worse. At mile 8 my legs felt like logs, but I kept going myself as hard as I could. I still managed to finish at an 8:30 mile pace but holy crap was it hard.

Since I had a hair appt at 10 in Miami, I had to jump in the shower and haul butt to my hair appointment. The woman who was doing my hair was a friend of my mom's and operates a salon out of her house. It was awesome. The lady was Hispanic of course (we are too obviously) and she treated me like family. Her mom was there and so was her daughter and grandaughter. While I was there I felt like I was just hanging out with family friends, and before I knew it my hair was done. I loved it! She did such an awesome job and I'm looking forward to going back. Not only so I could play with her granddaughter but to have someone play with my hair again! It's days like today that make me miss Miami. The lifestyle is just so much different. I miss the people, the connections, and the scenery.  I know I'm not too far away, but still; miami will always be home. I'm sure I'll go back soon.

Ok so what's new? Well, I signed up to try to get 100 miles of running done in November. It was some facebook thing you could do to let people know you're trying to go for it. You could officially sign up and pay 34 bucks for a training plan and a belt buckle. No offense, but belt buckles are just not my thing. Since I did 10 today I only got 90 to go. Even though I run at orange theory,  I don't really pay attention to my distance but I am going to start to. I've got class tomorrow and Monday so well see how much I can get done.

Another pretty cool thing I'm trying to do is get certified as a running coach. Now, there are only two organizations you can get certificates from: RRCA or USAT. USAT is triathlon specific so I'm not super interested in trying to get a certificate from them. Now, I've been trying to get a certificate from RRCA but they haven't been able to get a workshop down here in Florida. I've been on their mailing list for a couple months now waiting for them to make a workshop here in Florida so that I can take the class to get certified. I'll update you all once they actually have a workshop down here.

Other then that, that's about it.. before I go I'll leave you with some fun pictures!

I did it! 10 miles in the books!
Got to wear some of my cold weather gear!
My favorite pair of shoes!  

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