I Found A New Challenge

So I really liked the 15 Day Flat Abs Challenge and was going to go repeat it in a couple of days BUT I ended up stumbling across another plan. One of my friends had liked Betty Rocker's 30 Day Challenge (Make Fat Cry is what it's called) and lo' and behold - a new challenge is upon us. Let's not forget to mention that this program is FREE when the Flat Abs Challenge was going to charge you I think $30 for it's plan. I figured let's give it a shot.

So today started Day 1 of the program. Already off the bat I like two things about this program:

1. The e-mail expires 24 hours after you open it forcing you to complete the workout.
2. The trainer has a video clip of her completing the workout so you can do it with her.

These two things alone are pretty awesome and make me excited to complete the workout. Another exciting thing is that I'm going to start working out once a week at work since we have an on-site gym, making it easier for me to get this routine done. Since the workout is free, I recommend you google Bettey Rocker's 30 day challenge and signup!!!

Today was a rest day in my 28 day squat challenge. Can't wait to get back in the grind tomorrow. I didn't get a 4 mile run in but I did get to work in 2 - 5 minute sprints of running (totaling 1 mile). Oh and as a bonus I got my 3 sets of 30 side leg lefts in!! Today was an overall win.

So I Guess I Have to Eat Healthier Too..

You always here people say that weightloss is driven mostly by your diet. Although I never really agreed with that statement, I have to finally admit that it's true. I think the reason why I've always been so fit is because I burned a ridiculous amount of calories from the long workouts I used to have and no matter what I ate, I was able to burn it off quickly; therefore, I never truly struggled with my weight as much as other people typically do. Well, now that I no longer have a large amount of time to workout, the weight is a little harder to lose. That being said, I've been making baby steps to try and lose the weight.

I had originally talked about this company I found, Fitlife Foods. I love their foods, but finding the time to get over there has been difficult. However, last week I was able to get over there and get a couple of meals. Sure enough the weight that had been creeping up - crept back down. Now, I am not one to say I eat super clean, but at least I try to eat in moderation. Just don't count the 10 munchkins I had on Friday lol.

As far as workouts, I got to get in 4 separate 5 minute runs in on the treadmill while the baby was sleeping for a grand total of 2.1 miles. Although it doesn't seem like a lot I'm just ecstatic that I got to get some sort of cardio in. I'm hoping to get in 4 miles today but we shall see if the weather cooperates. I did end up getting in Day 2 of my 28 day squat challenge AND I managed to get in 3 sets of 30 leg raises on each leg.

Sigh, this whole trying to lose weight thing sucks....

The Exhaustion Continues...

Well, I knew the long sleep stretches were too good to be true, and sure enough - they didn't last. Elizabeth has been waking up almost every 2 hours for a diaper change and to eat. Plain and simple - it sucks. I try not to complain because I know it's because she's uncomfortable or wet, but holy crap!! LOL. I'm hoping this stage doesn't last very long or that she starts sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches soon. One can only hope.

But enough baby talk, what have I been up to workout wise?!?! I started the 15 Day Flat Abs Challenge for free through a Facebook signup and I have to say it was pretty good. Here's a link: https://funnels.flatabsfitness.com/free-15-day-challenge-evergreen-2. The workouts are pretty fantastic honestly and don't (usually) take more than 15 minutes to complete which is perfect for my sleep-deprived zero free time schedule. I wasn't able to do all 15 days in a row, so I'm going to start over next week. I didn't measure myself last go around, but I would like to take my measurements this time around to see if I actually lose pounds/inches.

During the last month I also tried to accomplish the 28 day challenge for squats, pushups and abs. I think I got too ahead of myself though because my incision from my C-section started feeling odd and I ended up stopping all together. This time around I think I will end up doing one challenge at a time. My first challenge will be the 28 day squat challenge which I started today. Here's the link: https://blog.myfitnesspal.com/the-28-day-squat-challenge-youll-want-to-start-now/

Instead of trying to do other 28 day challenges simultaneously, I would like to incorporate one exercise that targets a specific muscle group for a week at a time. For this week, I would like to do side leg raises 3 sets of 30. Let's see how this goes.

I think that's it for now. I already did Day 1 of the squat challenge and hope to do my side leg raises and possibly run 2 miles in the afternoon. Seems pretty ambitious but here's to hoping. Until the next time....  happy trails!!

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