Morning Group Run? Sure Why Not!

Saturday morning I joined a group run that the local running store puts on. You could choose to do anywhere from 6-10 miles. Since I had been maintaining 10 miles, I figured I would do the 10.

So at 6:00 a.m. I woke up to run 10 miles, and it was not pleasant. See, I had woken up in the middle night sick from the food I had for dinner. So going that morning was not my happiest moment, but there I was ready to go. The run started, and off I went. I decided after the first mile that I would do all 10 miles and I did. I felt pretty good the first couple of miles and then pushed myself the second half of the run (negative split). My total time was 1:30 which was impressive since I felt like poop before the run started. I personally think the run cleansed me lol. Overall, I'm happy with my run :) I got to see a good amount of people from work and it made my long run enjoyable.

Without my Ipod

I enjoy running with my Ipod, but who doesn't? When a good beat comes on I feel myself speed up and  lose myself in the music. In triathlon word though, Ipods are considered contraband.

So every once in a while I run without my Ipod and I must say that it's peaceful. I let my mind wander and I just focus on running, the sound of my heart beating, and the rhythm of my breathing. With everything that's going on my life, it's just perfect.

Today's workout of the day: a six mile run. Instead of doing my usual six mile run, I did something a little bit different. Over the past couple of days, I felt like I've been neglecting my two dogs so I wanted to take them on a little run. Now one of my dogs went to the vet that afternoon and isn't the athletic type, however, my other dog is a little running machine. So I made the decision to take my athletic dog for a two mile run. However, my brilliant two mile run with the dog turned into a not so brilliant idea. Since it was hot my dog was really struggling and after a mile we had to stop and walk. I felt like she was uncomfortable so I tried to take her to a small canal on the side of the road to wet her feet and cool off. She put her feet in the water, and seemed to become re-energized. However, for the rest of the mile we jog/walked. Overall, we had a blast.

I dropped her off at home and ran the four remaining miles. I started off with a brisk pace, and wanted to negative split the second half. For those of you who don't know what negative splitting means, it's pretty much running lingo for running the second half faster than the first half. I definitely believe I accomplished my goal :)

Some irks about my runs: those dumb summer gnats that get in your face and mouth, stupid peanut gallery comments from cars, and a cramp in my side.

Other then that... perfect! Now for those of you who don't ever run unless armed with an Ipod, you should try leaving it behind one day. Who knows? You might just like running without it...

I Love You Grandpa...

So over a month ago my grandpa was taken to the hospital. He was experiencing severe pain in his abdomen, and it resulted in the doctors finding a couple of other things. He had gall stones, a weak heart, and an aneurism. Things looked pretty bad for my grandpa, but we figured things would get better and he would heal.

So I kept on with life. I kept training, kept working, and went to go visit him when I could. But then things got worse. I got the phone call from my mom that told me they did a CAT scan.. and it was aggressive brain cancer. Brain Cancer. He had three months to live, but I personally don't think he has that much longer. I had gone to visit him a couple of times and it all made sense. He kept forgetting things, looked confused, and would barely recognize me. It broke my heart.

I was completely devastated by the news my mom told me. I cried all night. I didn't really sleep that well. The next day my husband and I went to the hospital. I cried when I got there and I knew he sensed something was wrong. See, he doesn't really know what's going on. So when I started crying, he started crying. I think deep down inside he knows. He's always known, the rest of us just couldn't face it. So I stayed with him, talking and trying to avoid the obvious. I was completely torn inside. I don't really know what to do or how to act. Which is so out of character for me lol.

I know death is unavoidable. It's a fate we all have to face. However, when confronted by it I broke down. I had experienced death with a close loved one before: my grandmother. It was horrible. She had lung cancer and turned into a vegetable with the morphine. I didn't want this to happen to grandpa. I know he lived a long life, but for my own selfish reasons I want him to stay. I love him so much and hate to see him the way he is. So small, so lost, and confused.  So I decided to write in my blog, hoping to find some sort of comfort. I know comfort won't come right away, but it will eventually. I'll be going to see him again soon and each time I see him I'll let him know how much I love him.

My half ironman is in November 11. Whether he is alive or not, I will do this race for him. I love you grandpa.
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