The Owlet Monitor

I wanted to give a thorough review of the Owlet monitor for anyone who wanted information on it. I originally bought the Angelcare monitor to help calm down my paranoia. However when I tested it out for the first time I was annoyed by it. You're supposed to place a mat under a mattress/crib in order for it to work. So if you have a portable bassinet that has a mattress attached to it then you're screwed. If you are fortunate enough to use it then the monitor will beep every time the baby moves and if your baby doesn't move for 20 seconds than the monitor will go off. You do have the option of taking the beeping sound off but that doesn't take stop the monitor from going off. When we tested the monitor it literally went off within a minute. So fail - we needed another option.

So off to google I went. I stumbled across a monitor called the Owlet. It was a sock that you put on the baby and it is supposed to monitor her heartbeat and oxygen levels. Now this system seemed to good to be true. What was the catch? Did the monitor make a sound if the heartbeat/oxygen levels were off? I wasn't too sure. Was it easy for the sock to fall off?? I wouldn't know unless I tried it. My baby is insane with kicking her feet when she's awake/sleeping so I'm sure it would fall off. I would continue my research.

After spending two days of research I decided to chat with one of their representatives to at least ask about the monitor going off if the levels were off. They assured me that the monitor would go off and if you had installed the app on your Apple device than your app would also alert you. That was a great answer - so I told the representative I would be ordering it that night. Since I was ordering it that night the representative gave me a promo code for free shipping. So word of advice talk to the representative - ask them a question and tell them you'll be ordering it that night so you can save 12.00 for shipping! Also, I followed them on Instagram and it looks like some bloggers/representatives sell it on their site for cheaper. So another word of advice is look around and save yourself some money if you can.

When I got the Owlet I was super excited because I actually got it a day before I anticipated it coming in. You have to charge it for a little bit for you can actually put it on, but it didn't take too long. The instruction manual itself is short but gives you everything you need to know. Installing the app was super easy and they literally walk you through everything. Lastly, they give you three socks to grow with your baby so you can have the monitor for the first year of their life. Apparently they can send you a bigger sock in the event your baby outgrows the largest sock before he or she turns one. Um - amazing so far.

So then I put the sock on that night for the baby. I had two false alarms. One was because I took the baby to another room setting the monitor off. The other one was due to the baby kicking the sock off. Now the cool thing about the false alarms is that this type of false alarm let's you know that something is wrong but it has nothing to do with your baby's levels being off. The sound is literally a lullaby instead of an alarm. The monitor itself will also turn blue or yellow - again - it depends on a technical difficulty with the sock. Pretty cool huh?!?!

Here is what it looks like when the sock is monitoring your baby:

So overall - I'm OBSESSED with this sock. She hasn't kicked the sock off since day one and the only time I get a false alarm is if I take her to another room and away from the base. I definitely have so much peace of mind having it on her. I only put it on her at night and charge it during the day. I'm so thankful for it and hope other moms do as well. Hope this review helped you out! Until the next time.... Happy Trails!!!
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