The Aftermath

Again, sorry to take a while to get back to blogging. I really wanted to have a better day to day documentation of pregnancy life. This whole growing a person inside of you is really tolling and napping is a much better option than anything else lol. But, I really wanted a follow-up post after my last post.

My last post got a huge response. There were people who reached out to me who I haven't spoken to in ages, just sending their love and support my way. I read other women's struggles and couldn't help but cry. Why? Well, because these women all felt the way I did sad and alone. Going through a silent struggle and hoping to come out on the other side; all of them did.

Today I read another heartbreaking story of a friend of mine who had a miscarriage. She actually posted it on Facebook and I couldn't help but silently applaud her. It's about time women share their experiences good (and bad) to get the emotional support they need to get them through whatever comes their way. For the record, the response she received was overwhelming.

I continue to hear awful stories of women who just want to have a baby and it breaks my heart. I understand that feeling and sometimes it can lead you to some dark places. I pray those babies are in heaven looking after their loved ones. I will tell you that this struggle I had made me appreciate this little baby so much and I can't wait to see her. The whole experience as taxing as it has been incredible and everyday you get a surprise lol.

Now, to end this post on a positive note, I'm posting a YouTube video I found today of a couple who has been trying to have a baby for 17 years!!! Until the next post... happy trails :)

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