Sprint Tri

So I participated in the Sprint Triathlon this past weekend and well.... I did great on everything BUT the biking.. what the crap?? Really?? Biking?? So what does this mean.... well this means that I need to now focus myself on the biking instead of the running.... Exciting huh? Well Other then that I got 1:31 as my time. I signed up for the Olympic tri in August which is twice the distance... we shall see how that goes...

Half Ironman Registration

So I actually signed up for the Half Ironman today.. I'm not going to lie.. I can't believe I actually did it. I am all set ready to go and everything is in order... Signed up for the next two races (one of them happening to be tomorrow).... the other one next month... Need to get signed up for my next two half marathons and races and I'll be pretty much ready to go....

HOLY CRAP.. I really signed up.. I'm so excited but nervous at the same time.. I mean can I actually pull this off? I really want to. I mean I've always wanted to... I better. I can then wear half ironman gear proudly if I don't. The registration was definitely intimidating... you even have to put in your medical information since there is a high risk of injury.... I've NEVER had to do that... Well I guess this journey is starting now... and I can't wait :)

Hydrating with Spark is not a good idea...

So this morning I was drinking Spark to keep focus on my work.. Not too shabby and I felt like it served its purpose... However keeping hydrated with Spark during spin class with coach and running afterwards = sucky feeling in pit of stomach. Therefore, its safe to say I will not drink Spark while training.

So today was a regular tri-club day. Spin class followed by a run. The run was only 20 minutes 5 minutes threshold and then minutes 10-15 at threshold. My tummy hurt the whole time but I kept a steady pace the whole way through.

On another note, yesterday I planned to do swim then bike but the chance of rain ruined my plans and I ended up spinning indoors followed by P90X ab ripper. My abs hurt today thats for sure. For the next couple days I won't be training too hard... I've got a race on Saturday :)

Looking forward to my three mile run tomorrow with the girls!

6.5 Miles... Yes please

So yesterday was my long run day. I enjoy my long run days because I don't try to go race pace, just the distance. I still "try" to do race pace but fail miserably. Joining me on my run was Viola and SP. However, they wanted to do a shorter distance so I ran from my house and picked them up along the way.

The run wasn't that bad and we only stopped a couple of times. SP wasn't feeling well and asked me to leave her behind (note I felt awful leaving her behind). I finished at about 6.5 miles and felt pretty decent. This is the most mileage I've done in a while so it felt good to be able to do it. The sprint tri is next week and so I also been trying to do some "tri-workout" instead of just straight running.

On a side note, I had to get a bottom piece for my speedo bikini (their sizes are whack as a side note). The bottoms felt too tight and didn't make me feel comfortable wearing on the course. However, problem solved! We tried to go to the outlets and were completely surprised they had no options for me. However, TJ Maxx came to the rescue and surprisingly I found a speedo bikini whose bottom I could match to my top :) I also bought a speedo super absorbent towel so we shall see how that goes.

I'm not going to lie I am actually pretty nervous about the sprint tri. Even though I'm more then sure I can do well in it, the fact that I haven't done one in over a year and a half is in my head. Hopefully this goes well. If not, then this half ironman is going to be a hell of a lot harder.

Registering for Races :)

Soo the Half Ironman race just opened up recently and I can't stop checking the site paranoid it might fill up. I am going to register soon... probably in the next couple of days.... I know I can do this. I even came up with a game plan in order to conquer this beast.

First race coming up is next Saturday, its just a sprint tri but I haven't done one in over a year and a half.. I hope it goes well :) After that is an Olympic tri ... we will see how I do. On the bright side, I swam this afternoon and did a little over half a mile.... and owned it lol... I haven't swam in months so that was a big deal lol...

Yesterday, was running day with the tri club and it was absolutely miserable, but pain is weakness leaving the body right? As much it sucked I pulled it through thinking I'm going to be feeling miserable during the half ironman.

My apologizes for slacking!!!!

So its not that I haven't worked out...because I have.... I'm just bad about logging it in. This is especially because I was out of town for work the week before, however, like a good little athlete I worked out while out of town...

So this morning, I ran for about 4 miles....well I'm not really too sure how long it was because my treadmill is whack (I bought it from a pawn shop and its speed gauge is very off). The run this morning felt good. I had a good pace and pushed it at the end. I'm planning to do a sprint tri in about two weeks and hope that I can do well. I think I need a little bit more swimming (maybe two more time) before the race :) We shall so how I do.....

PS The Garmin 205 rocks.... I've run with it the last couple of times and it is absolutely amazing. I like how accurate it is and all the info it gives you while running (speed, time, distance).
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