Working Out While On Vacation - With a Baby

So I wanted to workout during our week long vacation. I set some realistic expectations and figured I would workout every other day while we were here. However, on day one we had a minor set back - I forgot to pack sport bras. Sport bras are pretty much an essential when it comes to working out. So the next day I was going to head over to the local running store, but decided Target was a better option. I mean I just needed something economical, not elite-status. So at $16.99 a sports bra I got myself four sports bras with really fun prints.

So that afternoon I headed out for a 4 mile bridge workout. I had a pretty awesome workout and averaged about 8:38 min/mile. I negative split the run which makes me pretty happy!!! My legs were not happy with me the next day but it was well worth it. We don't really have many places to run uphill so the more workouts like that I get, the better.

My next in was two days later when I tried to get in a 5 mile run. The only time we figured I could go was around noon. It's been a pretty hot winter so let's just say it was a challenging run and I cut it about .75 miles short. I had tried to maintain under an 8:00 min/mile but it was way too hard. I want to say I ended up with like an 8:28 min/mile.

Today I just wanted to do a quick workout so I turned to Pinterest. I haven't really been happy with my abdominal area, but who really is after they've had a baby? So - I decided to try out a 5 minute - "get rid of the pooch" workout. Here's the link: - if I feel sore tomorrow then I might make this a daily routine!

So those have been my workouts. I'm hoping to really crank it up this new year. I've got to start preparing for the half ironman which means more running and more bricks. My diet needs to change too so I can get leaner - meaning fitlife will be a regular routine. I'm figuring I need to lose about 10 pounds right before the race. My race calendar is pretty much set for the first half of the year and I'm also going to try and incorporate new innovative workouts - like a new cycle bar in the area or Pinterest workouts. I'll be keeping you posted along the way :) I'll post pictures from our vacation once I get home. Needless to say it's been fun but stressful. Vacationing with a baby for a week is a lot of work; however, on those good days it makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. Anyways - Happy New Year to everyone! Let' see what 2017 brings!!!

The 12 Miles of Christmas

Today was our local run store's 12 Miles of Christmas. It's nothing fancy, just a way to bring the community together for a run and collect unwrapped toys to benefit a local charity. You don't need to even bring a toy, it's just a free training run. Typically the run falls during a weekday and I can't do it because of work. However, since Christmas Eve was on a Saturday I could pull it off! Now, the longest distance I had recently covered was 8 miles, so I knew 12 miles would be pushing it. I figured I would gauge how I felt on the run and go from there.

So, last night we had a rough night at our house and I was only able to sleep about 4 hours. I was tired this morning but I really wanted to do this run. So I snacked on a banana as I got ready and left everyone sleeping at home. On the way to the run I realized parking was probably going to be a nightmare since the store is located in a small strip mall. This run is kind of a big deal in our local area and as I pulled into the parking lot I realized I was right. Luckily, I lived around that area for about a 1.5 years and parked somewhere I knew my car would be safe.

As I jogged to the store I ran into a good amount of people that I knew. It was amazing. I felt like I was home again. This past year has been rough with trying to balance out being a mom and a runner. I typically can't make group runs and sometimes I have to sacrifice running all together. I've been frustrated and disheartened but I've been trying my very best. You just want to pick up right where you left off, but you can't. Your cardio is diminished, you're body has been through war, and time is scarce. But you try, and try, and try and eventually you will get there.

The training run had pacers and I decided to go out with the 9 minute/mile pace. I figured I would scale back if I needed to but lately I've been keeping a relatively nice pace on my runs. The first mile proved to be a little difficult but I want to say I ended up with a 9:30 min/mile pace. I ended up running next to someone I knew and I was so glad I did. Granted she pushed a stroller with 2 kids which weighed about 100 pounds as I just chatted beside her. However, it was so nice to talk to her about life. She's a local star athlete and wins a good amount of races in the area. She talked to me about being a mom and also an athlete; the struggles she had and words of encouragement. There were a couple of things she shared with me.. one being "your body is different and you just need to find a way to carry it now" - and she's so right. I knew I could come back close (if not better) than my usual run times. There's a whole bunch of other awesome things she said to me but of course I can't remember them all now.

Since we ended up picking up the pace I decided to run 5 miles and turn around. Now, I think people thought I had turned around at the 6 mile mark, but I tried to clear that up real quickly and not get credit for something I didn't do. I smiled as I ran past runners and tried to let them know that they were doing an awesome job. I always think it's nice to have people encourage you during a run, maybe that's just me. I kept picking up the pace and I'm pretty sure I negative split the second half of my run. I wasn't too on point with my Garmin so I didn't have my total time. First of all I started it a mile too late and then halfway through I must have saved my run and so I had to restart a new run in the process. I have to check out the pace though because I'm pretty sure it's the fastest training run I've ever had. The last two miles I want to say I ran at an 8:15 min/mile pace AND I felt FANTASTIC.

Overall, I was so happy with my run. I'm a little stiff now so I have to stretch a bit. I have to admit I'm really excited on how well I did. I know that I've been working hard and trying to slowly regain my speed, but it's been a slow process. I signed up for some of the local races next year and have one race scheduled each month right now. I am curious to what my 5k times will be now, but am trying to not put too much pressure on myself. For now, I'm just taking it one run at a time.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

Funny side note, at the end of my run a duck was flying low to the ground and almost nailed me. I had to duck (no pun intended) and screamed as I tried to avoid it. I laughed pretty hard afterwards.

Here are some photos from today:

The Holiday Weight Gain Struggle

So I finally lost all of the pregnancy weight I had gained a couple of weeks ago. It was really tough but I was determined to do it, and I did! However, now that the holidays crept up on us I've been really bad with my diet. I've always eaten pretty poorly, but this has been worse than usual. I decided to step back on the scale this morning and holy smokes was I a little disappointed in myself. I've gained 5-6 pounds in the last few weeks. My husband, the baby and I are going on vacation this coming week so I feel like it's pointless to really try and lose weight then, so here's to my new year's resolution to try and eat better. I've got to get leaner for the half ironman so it works out this way.

So what have I been doing? Well, I fractured my elbow and sprained my wrist after a cycling accident so I have tried to stay off the bike until next year. I did buy a Groupon for a new cycling studio in the area and am excited to try it in the new year. Other then that I've been working on my speed and trying to build my running base back up. I've also turned to Pintrest for some ideas. Let me tell you - Pintrest is AMAZING when it comes to trying to find new workouts. For example, here is the link to a workout I tried two days ago on the Bosu ball:

Anyways, I will try and post more of my workouts as I continue on my half ironman journey post pregnancy. Getting time in for myself has been tough but I think that I might be in a better place starting the new year.  Tomorrow there's a local training Christmas Eve run I'm going to. I'm aiming to try and get 12 miles in, but will be ridiculously happy if I can get in 10 miles. I'll try and post afterwards. Until the next time, happy trails!!

PS Here's my favorite picture of us at this moment:

Impromptu Cycling Session

This morning I had to go and get an oil change. I hate doing car things. I feel like mechanics and car dealerships automatically make women feel inferior and defeated. So needless to say I hate even dropping my car off for an oil change. Yes, I hate it.

So.... before going to the dreaded dealership I decided to run 3 miles with the baby. I knew the weather would be cooler this weekend and I had to take advantage of being outdoors. It was probably one of the slowest runs that I've had in a while but I really didn't care. I just wanted to run 3 miles - who cares if it took me 34 minutes lol.

After my run I got home and started getting ready to head over to the dealership. My husband was going to drop me off and then we were all going to head up to this fancy pumpkin patch like an hour away. Well - it's funny how kids crap on the plans you have for yourself. Elizabeth had been acting cranky and was most likely going to nap soon. My husband suggested I just ride my bike back home and he would watch her while I was gone. I pretty much jumped at the chance. So I packed my bike and headed to the dealership.

When I got to the dealership I kinda felt like a badass. I mean - I was going to ride my bike back home, and not just any bike - my sexy Cervelo. So I complete all of the paperwork they need and bust out my bike. I had to snicker because two people totally complimented me on my bike and how nice it was. That bike gets way more compliments than I do lol. I hopped on my bike and headed back home.

Let me tell you something - it was a BEAUTIFUL ride. The weather was perfect; the traffic was at an all time minimal; and, I didn't have a care in the world. It was so nice just being outdoors. Granted I live less than 5 miles from the dealership, but who cares. It's funny how some of us don't take the time to just be outdoors. To notice the temperature and the sights around us or to feel the sun on our skin. It was such a rush. So when they called to pick my car back up of course I had to ride back.

This literally might be my new thing - riding my bike to and from the dealership when I get an oil change. I had absolutely no idea that I would do that today but I'm so glad I did. It definitely made going to the dealership less painful. I also have to admit I'm kinda looking forward to the next time I have to drop my car off for an oil change.

Tomorrow is going to suck though. I'm planning on riding 40 miles. Wish me luck.... I'm totally going to need it.....

Chasing Another HalfIronman

So a lot has happened since my last post. I guess having a baby disrupts life or something lol. So let me catch everyone up - all 15 people who follow me LMAO

Parenting is tough. I found out that my patience level is not as high as I expected it to be, how life can be so different but so wonderful at the same time, and that my daughter filled the biggest void in my life that I never knew I had. It's almost like a terrifying rollercoaster LOL. However, once you get off you jump right back on again because you loved the ride.

Although parenting is amazing and you can become completely absorbed in it - so much so that you lose your identity -it's nice when you learn to keep the pieces of your life that are important to you. For me it's working out. I absolutely love it. I honestly can't imagine my life without it. It's where I think things through or release the stress I've felt throughout the day. It's exactly what I need - so it should be no surprise that I'm still working out and even stepped it up a notch.

So far this is my race schedule:

November 20 - Half Marathon
November 26 - Sprint Triathlon
April 9 - Half Ironman

I'm currently about 5 weeks out from the half marathon and feel pretty good. I'm probably not going to PR but that's okay. All I want to accomplish is to run the whole thing. I would be lying if I said I wouldn't care if I broke 2 hours. Truth be told I would love to PR, but I no longer have the training time I need in order to make that happen. Maybe next year I can pull it off but definitely not now.

In the meantime I'm trying to establish my base for the half ironman. Cycling is my weakest so I've been trying to improve in it. Now that I have my sexy new Cervelo I'm hoping it'll build my confidence and make me want to cycle more. I have been meeting up with a strong cyclist who has definitely already built up my cycling game for up to 25 miles. I'm hoping by April 9th I can dominate the road...Today's ride went pretty well. The road was wet and we ended up hitting rain while riding as well. We kept the pace at about 20 mph the entire time, but sped up every once in a while. It was pretty awesome. Next week I'm hoping to bump the volume or maybe even getting in a short run after cycling.

I really hope I can get a run in tomorrow. I'm aiming for 5 miles....

I Found A New Challenge

So I really liked the 15 Day Flat Abs Challenge and was going to go repeat it in a couple of days BUT I ended up stumbling across another plan. One of my friends had liked Betty Rocker's 30 Day Challenge (Make Fat Cry is what it's called) and lo' and behold - a new challenge is upon us. Let's not forget to mention that this program is FREE when the Flat Abs Challenge was going to charge you I think $30 for it's plan. I figured let's give it a shot.

So today started Day 1 of the program. Already off the bat I like two things about this program:

1. The e-mail expires 24 hours after you open it forcing you to complete the workout.
2. The trainer has a video clip of her completing the workout so you can do it with her.

These two things alone are pretty awesome and make me excited to complete the workout. Another exciting thing is that I'm going to start working out once a week at work since we have an on-site gym, making it easier for me to get this routine done. Since the workout is free, I recommend you google Bettey Rocker's 30 day challenge and signup!!!

Today was a rest day in my 28 day squat challenge. Can't wait to get back in the grind tomorrow. I didn't get a 4 mile run in but I did get to work in 2 - 5 minute sprints of running (totaling 1 mile). Oh and as a bonus I got my 3 sets of 30 side leg lefts in!! Today was an overall win.

So I Guess I Have to Eat Healthier Too..

You always here people say that weightloss is driven mostly by your diet. Although I never really agreed with that statement, I have to finally admit that it's true. I think the reason why I've always been so fit is because I burned a ridiculous amount of calories from the long workouts I used to have and no matter what I ate, I was able to burn it off quickly; therefore, I never truly struggled with my weight as much as other people typically do. Well, now that I no longer have a large amount of time to workout, the weight is a little harder to lose. That being said, I've been making baby steps to try and lose the weight.

I had originally talked about this company I found, Fitlife Foods. I love their foods, but finding the time to get over there has been difficult. However, last week I was able to get over there and get a couple of meals. Sure enough the weight that had been creeping up - crept back down. Now, I am not one to say I eat super clean, but at least I try to eat in moderation. Just don't count the 10 munchkins I had on Friday lol.

As far as workouts, I got to get in 4 separate 5 minute runs in on the treadmill while the baby was sleeping for a grand total of 2.1 miles. Although it doesn't seem like a lot I'm just ecstatic that I got to get some sort of cardio in. I'm hoping to get in 4 miles today but we shall see if the weather cooperates. I did end up getting in Day 2 of my 28 day squat challenge AND I managed to get in 3 sets of 30 leg raises on each leg.

Sigh, this whole trying to lose weight thing sucks....

The Exhaustion Continues...

Well, I knew the long sleep stretches were too good to be true, and sure enough - they didn't last. Elizabeth has been waking up almost every 2 hours for a diaper change and to eat. Plain and simple - it sucks. I try not to complain because I know it's because she's uncomfortable or wet, but holy crap!! LOL. I'm hoping this stage doesn't last very long or that she starts sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches soon. One can only hope.

But enough baby talk, what have I been up to workout wise?!?! I started the 15 Day Flat Abs Challenge for free through a Facebook signup and I have to say it was pretty good. Here's a link: The workouts are pretty fantastic honestly and don't (usually) take more than 15 minutes to complete which is perfect for my sleep-deprived zero free time schedule. I wasn't able to do all 15 days in a row, so I'm going to start over next week. I didn't measure myself last go around, but I would like to take my measurements this time around to see if I actually lose pounds/inches.

During the last month I also tried to accomplish the 28 day challenge for squats, pushups and abs. I think I got too ahead of myself though because my incision from my C-section started feeling odd and I ended up stopping all together. This time around I think I will end up doing one challenge at a time. My first challenge will be the 28 day squat challenge which I started today. Here's the link:

Instead of trying to do other 28 day challenges simultaneously, I would like to incorporate one exercise that targets a specific muscle group for a week at a time. For this week, I would like to do side leg raises 3 sets of 30. Let's see how this goes.

I think that's it for now. I already did Day 1 of the squat challenge and hope to do my side leg raises and possibly run 2 miles in the afternoon. Seems pretty ambitious but here's to hoping. Until the next time....  happy trails!!

Seventeen More Pounds...

that's all I have left to lose. It seems like a lot when you look at the number, but after losing 38 pounds - this seems like nothing. I've been trying really hard to eat healthier. It's hard since we live in a society where convenience is everything. However, that also means that healthier food options are coming people!!!

Which brings me to my next point - I have been hooked on this new place called Fit Life Food. It's freaking awesome. So far I've tried about 4-6 different meals that they offer and they've tasted amazing. I want to try doing this for about 4 weeks to see what it can do for me. I've got my weight watcher's (WW) weigh in tomorrow so I'm curious to see if I've lost a little more weight. I now only use WW to track my weight.

So what have I done in the mean time? I've been doing those weekly Fitbit Challenges which is awesome. I've also tried to get some workout videos (Jillian Michaels) and walks/runs in when I can. I think I accepted the fact that I can't qualify for Boston next year which has me really bummed, but it's okay. I am totally going to aim for it the following year. I didn't know you had to qualify for it so early in the year - makes sense.

Todays Workout: Jillian Michaels DVD in the morning followed by a 30 minute walk/run combo with my mom in the afternoon. She's been getting into running which has been an awesome thing to see. I'm starting her off easy and incorporating 30 second runs every 2 minutes so she can begin to build her cardio. She's been walking on her own, but I'm not sure at what pace so these runs should really get her heart rate going. I'm so happy that she's trying to aim for a healthier lifestyle. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get in a 3 mile run. I'm not sure if I'll worry about my speed since I'm trying to heal from the onset of plantar fascitis. I'll just listen to my body and let it guide me. Hopefully I can blog about it tomorrow.

Well I'm going to run and shower while the baby is sleeping.. until my next post.... Happy Trails :)


Pre-children I used to say I was tired all of the time. Well, I truly did not know the meaning of tired until now. Now, I shouldn't complain too much because luckily my child slept through the night starting at 10 weeks old. However, recently we're going through the dreaded four month sleep regression. This thing is no joke and now my child wakes up at random points throughout the night. Now the tricky part about this whole thing is that some nights she'll sleep through the entire night. Sounds great if I wasn't breastfeeding...

Anyways, my real reason for this post is that even though I'm dead tired 99% of the time, I still want to work out. Working out for me has been my outlet and no matter how stressed out I've been, I'm completely at peace after a solid run. This past week I've been able to get in a couple of runs which has been great. I can see myself slowly improve and it makes me feel accomplished. Which bring me to my next point...

I have foolishly decided to try and qualify for Boston. I know it seems like an outlandish goal but it makes me happy and gives me a focus point. In order to qualify I need to hit BQ (Boston Qualifying)time  (3:35 marathon time) by April of the previous year. That seems pretty crazy.... however, I'm going to try and go for it. My race - 2017 Fort Lauderdale A1A. I PR'd for it 3 years ago in the half marathon by 10 MINUTES!!! Crazy, huh? The course is flat and fast which would make it perfect. I'm most likely going to sign up for it within a month so I can force myself to admit that this is happening. Trust me I want it to happen but I'm just scared. Scared that I won't make my goal. I know that there's always the next year but... well you know me. I'm sort of am overachiever.

So for now I'm slowly building up  my mileage and trying not to go too hard too fast so I can prevent injury. I want to start jogging with the stroller more because it kicks my heart's butt in the cardiovascular department. Today I'm thinking about trying to squeeze in a 2-3 mile run with the stroller. Hopefully it won't be too hot.

On a side note my weight loss has been slowly happening. I've officially got less than 20 pounds to lose (out of 55). I'm trying out this new "food program" - Fitlife Foods. They're a store front for healthy meals - think food delivery service but without having to commit to anything. It works for me because I can pick them up and keep them for my lunches. I'm hoping this will speed up my weightloss and get me back to where I would like to be.

So that's all folks... until the next time I can post...

Why Are We So Mean to Ourselves?

This hiatus from blogging has been awful! I guess full blown mommyhood life has taken over and it's hard for me to find time for EVERYTHING lol. I think you partially expect that once you become a parent, but a part of you always wants to be that 1% that defies the odds. Well guess what? I wasn't that 1%.

So the main reason for my post today is to have an outlet for all of the things/emotions that have taken hold of me recently. It's funny, you never hear about this part of the postpartum. The overwhelming emotions and thoughts that fly through your head. You feel abnormal, sick, maybe a little crazy. You're definitely 100% sleep deprived.You just feel alone in your path and scared to reach for help. I know I did, and I don't think I'm alone when it comes to experiencing  those feelings. Luckily I decided to reach out to my good friend T about all this.. and I'm so glad I did.

See the problem was I was just being too mean to myself. Telling myself that everytime she cried I was failing or that I wasn't good enough as a mother to figure out what she wanted. Everyday was an internal battle with myself. Was I too fat? I saw women who had babies around the same time I did get back quickly to their pre-pregnancy weight. I felt awful and inadequadate. My husband, poor guy (lol), did everything he could to tell me it would be okay. He would listen to me, let me cry on his should and tell me everything would be okay. He reassured me that I was a great mom and I had nothing to worry about. Even though we had been together for almost 13 years, at this point in time we really became a team. He was my biggest cheerleader and I really needed him to be right then and there.

So why? Why are we so mean to ourselves? Why do we close ourselves off to the world? Why do we put up a front that we're supermoms when secretly we want to cry and eat the whole damn box of oreos? Why do we look at ourselves in the mirror and mentally draw a circle around all the flaws that we have? I don't know. I honestly don't. What we need more of is cheerleaders (N - you're a rockstar). People that support us. People that take the time to look at you and say - you're not crazy, I've been there and you're going to be okay.

So why do I write this? Because for some weird reason people reach out to me when I post stuff like this. I show my vulnerabilities and become human for a second. What a concept...

So now what? Well, I've learned to cut myself some slack. I talked to women who loved me (thanks mom). I let myself cry; I found a new focus; and I told myself it would be okay. And you know what? So far it's working. I've definitely had a lot of external pressures this week, but I think I'll always have them. I've just got to learn to cope better.

So enough depressing stuff. Here's the sunshine in my life right now:

The Owlet Monitor

I wanted to give a thorough review of the Owlet monitor for anyone who wanted information on it. I originally bought the Angelcare monitor to help calm down my paranoia. However when I tested it out for the first time I was annoyed by it. You're supposed to place a mat under a mattress/crib in order for it to work. So if you have a portable bassinet that has a mattress attached to it then you're screwed. If you are fortunate enough to use it then the monitor will beep every time the baby moves and if your baby doesn't move for 20 seconds than the monitor will go off. You do have the option of taking the beeping sound off but that doesn't take stop the monitor from going off. When we tested the monitor it literally went off within a minute. So fail - we needed another option.

So off to google I went. I stumbled across a monitor called the Owlet. It was a sock that you put on the baby and it is supposed to monitor her heartbeat and oxygen levels. Now this system seemed to good to be true. What was the catch? Did the monitor make a sound if the heartbeat/oxygen levels were off? I wasn't too sure. Was it easy for the sock to fall off?? I wouldn't know unless I tried it. My baby is insane with kicking her feet when she's awake/sleeping so I'm sure it would fall off. I would continue my research.

After spending two days of research I decided to chat with one of their representatives to at least ask about the monitor going off if the levels were off. They assured me that the monitor would go off and if you had installed the app on your Apple device than your app would also alert you. That was a great answer - so I told the representative I would be ordering it that night. Since I was ordering it that night the representative gave me a promo code for free shipping. So word of advice talk to the representative - ask them a question and tell them you'll be ordering it that night so you can save 12.00 for shipping! Also, I followed them on Instagram and it looks like some bloggers/representatives sell it on their site for cheaper. So another word of advice is look around and save yourself some money if you can.

When I got the Owlet I was super excited because I actually got it a day before I anticipated it coming in. You have to charge it for a little bit for you can actually put it on, but it didn't take too long. The instruction manual itself is short but gives you everything you need to know. Installing the app was super easy and they literally walk you through everything. Lastly, they give you three socks to grow with your baby so you can have the monitor for the first year of their life. Apparently they can send you a bigger sock in the event your baby outgrows the largest sock before he or she turns one. Um - amazing so far.

So then I put the sock on that night for the baby. I had two false alarms. One was because I took the baby to another room setting the monitor off. The other one was due to the baby kicking the sock off. Now the cool thing about the false alarms is that this type of false alarm let's you know that something is wrong but it has nothing to do with your baby's levels being off. The sound is literally a lullaby instead of an alarm. The monitor itself will also turn blue or yellow - again - it depends on a technical difficulty with the sock. Pretty cool huh?!?!

Here is what it looks like when the sock is monitoring your baby:

So overall - I'm OBSESSED with this sock. She hasn't kicked the sock off since day one and the only time I get a false alarm is if I take her to another room and away from the base. I definitely have so much peace of mind having it on her. I only put it on her at night and charge it during the day. I'm so thankful for it and hope other moms do as well. Hope this review helped you out! Until the next time.... Happy Trails!!!

One Day at a Time

When you have a newborn they tell you to take it one day at a time. Every day things get a little bit better and a little bit easier. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Babies start falling into a routine (a loose one) but nonetheless it's a patterned behavior. Some days you feel like pulling your hair out and crying, but it's funny how a little bit of sleep can give you a new perspective and outlook on life. They speak of the magical "12 weeks" mark where babies seem to have some sort of switch that flips on and they sleep a little bit longer and have a more agreeable behavior. I have almost 7 weeks left until I hit that mark. Not that I'm counting.

The working out front has been a little bit disheartening on the other hand. Having a csection you have to wait until the 6 week mark. I tried looking up exercises for women who have had csections but there is really nothing out there that is recommended besides walking - and we're talking "non aerobic walking." Everything that I've read says to take it easy which is easier said than done. At almost 5 weeks in you feel as though you're pretty much completely healed except for a reminder in the form of a scar. My scar overall looks healed except for a small inflamed area. I read it's normal but a part of me can't help but be paranoid about it and so I've been religiously dousing Neosporin on it and an ointment call C-Mama Healing Salve.

Even though I've been trying to take it easy I do try and walk at least once around the neighborhood (which is almost 3/4 of a mile). If I don't manage to walk around the neighborhood then I resort to treadmill walking. My goal lately has been to try and get a mile under 25 minutes. It seems easy but when you're trying not to push it... well... it's pretty damn hard. Trust me if it wasn't for getting the okay from the doctor I would try running the whole thing at one time. Regardless I nailed my goal on the first try and hope to get progressively better! Check it out :)

Nailed It!!!

As far as my nutrition goes I've been trying to make better food choices since I can't work out as much and I want to lose weight. So far I've lost almost 20 pounds but still have about 38-40 pounds left to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 145. I gained a lot of weight which was frustrating but there's nothing I can do about it now and I just have to work a little bit harder to get to where I was. Plus, I've got the best wardrobe and want to be able to fit back into it. On the bright side, I did find a fun new product that I liked which is a healthy food option - Rani's Yummy Buttered Oats! I got it in my Runner's Box for Christmas and I actually ended up liking it so much I think I'll be ordering it twice a month. It's a little pricey $15 with shipping for 12oz bag, but I love the product, the nutritional value, and the fact that I support a small business owner. Plus they handwrote me a note which was flipping awesome. Overall, I think I'll be trying to find a couple of healthy food options as I go. Well, I better get going... until the next post - Happy Trails!!

How cute is this note?? Ugh - they totally suckered me lol!!


Trying to figure out a sleep schedule has been hard. My amazing husband was able to get 6 weeks off with his company and if it weren't for that time off that he had, I think I would have died from sleep deprivation. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not sleeping 8 hours a day, hell, I would be happy with 5 hours in a row. I get enough where I'm functional and can nap during the day AND that is all around amazing and wouldn't be possible if my husband were working.

Now there are different reasons why we aren't sleeping. 1- She fusses throughout the night and won't let either of us sleep if she were in the same room with us.2 - She doesn't stay swaddled and pulls the blankets over her head which scares the bejesus out of me. 3- I just am terrified to let her sleep by herself. She does settle for a couple of hours throughout the night but it's sporadic and will depend on her mood. I wish I could sleep while she's sleeping when it's my "shift" but I can't because I'm paranoid. I bought the Angelcare monitor with the intent to use it so it could calm my fears, but I can't use it in every "crib environment" that we have. What I mean by that is that you can only place it under a mattress: think a pack and play or a crib. It won't work if the baby sleeps in something like a portable bassinet or a swing (not that I condone this - I'm just giving examples of crib environments I've heard of parents using). We use a portable bassinet and there is no way I could use it. Another con that it has is that it literally beeps all of the time - think when you were at the hospital getting your vitals monitored.

So - what other options do I really have? I've been researching a bunch of products and came across the Owlet. I actually had another mom recommend it to me but mentioned it was pretty pricey but worth every penny. Originally I thought the Angelcare monitor would take care of all my worries, but I was mistaken. It doesn't work for us and that's okay. Just like with having a baby - you need to keep adjusting until you figure it out. So I might get the Owlet lol. It's a sock!! A freaking sock. So you can monitor her pulse oximetry and movement through a freaking sock. If something is wrong it alerts you. It doesn't beep all of the time - it literally let's you know when you need to intervene. Will this ease my mind - absolutely. Totally worth it. However, before buying this, let's see if I somehow win it in this giveaway I entered. Fingers crossed!

So there you have it. My sleeping woes explained. She'll be one month old this Monday and I'm hoping she's sleep trained herself by then - bwahahaha until then I hope it gets better.... One day at a time.. I'll leave you with a picture of why I don't sleep -

Three Weeks In

So we're three weeks in folks! Let me tell you that this is not like anything I ever imagined lol. First off no one tells you that you literally don't sleep lol. You might sleep in spurts but it's pretty crappy sleep. They tell you to sleep when the baby sleep, but let's be real - who really can sleep on command unless they're at the point of complete hallucination? I almost feel like you get enough sleep to survive, but not to the point where you can sleep on command. Secondly, you learn about all of the things you can do with one hand. People - it's incredible I tell you! Lastly, things are not made for smaller babies. She was only 6.5 pounds when she was born and most things are made for 8 pound babies. She looks like she's swimming in most of the things we have for her. So there you have it - some of the things I've realized in these three weeks.

Although it's been hard, I have loved being her mom. As much as she tortures us with her crazy antics and cries, nothing beats when she smiles at you - even if it means she's just pooping. As tired as we both have been, my husband and I have been a team throughout this process which has made things a lot better. I can't imagine doing this alone or with someone who isn't that interested in being a dad. I literally give those women kudos. Like tons of kudos.

Another thing I've learned so far are some of the products which I swear by for her. I know every baby is different, but these are some of the things I LOVE (in no particular order):
  • Momaroo!!!!!
  • Aquaphor
  • Portable bassinet (this one came with our Pack and Play)
  • Boppy pillow
  • Rocking chair
  • Soothie pacifier
That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure as she's able to fit into more things my list will grow. Until then I'm going to take care of this little peanut :) Happy Trails!!

PS: I almost forgot!!! Today I decided to do a small arm workout with free weights. My workout consisted of three sets of four different arm exercises with 5 pound weights - military presses (15 reps); arm curls (30 reps on each arm); front arm raises (12 reps each arm); side arm raises (12 reps on each arm). I know this doesn't seem much but it's a start. I'm also going to try and incorporate a walk each day with her. My goal is to hit at least 5,000 steps a day. I know it's not 10,000 but people I had a csection and it hurts like ... well you know lol...

Labor and Delivery

She's almost three weeks old. I can't believe it. I'm so happy to be her mom and am so grateful that she has been a relatively easy baby. I know it's been a while since I've updated anything on here so I figured I would start with my labor experience...

Overall it was awful. I was induced and after getting tons of medication to begin the induction, my body just wasn't ready to deliver a baby. About 3-4 hours into the induction I experienced awful pain and since it was too early to get an epidural, they provided me with a medication to help with the pain. Bad idea. I reacted poorly to the medication and the room basically wouldn't stop spinning for two hours. I felt loopy and couldn't seem to really be "with it" which scared me. After the medication finally wore off two hours later I felt sick and nauseous.

They checked me again and my body just was not progressing. They decided to stop giving the medication to create the contractions since it seemed as though nothing was working. About 10 hours in I was in extreme pain and my body just was not budging. At that point I could get an epidural and I wholeheartedly accepted it and hoped for some relief. My contractions were literally so intense that the nurses were commenting on them based on the monitors. After the epidural the contractions were mild and I couldn't feel a thing, but I was so tired already that I was uncomfortable. My doctor had come in at this point and told me that she would continue to respect my wishes of delivering regularly; however, my labor was going to be a long process.

About 14-16 hours in the real fun began. The baby's heart started acting screwy (period of decreases followed by accelerations). The doctor wasn't "overly" concerned at this point, but it was worth her monitoring me. They let me take a break and eat something so I could have some strength for the next day. While I was eating the doctor came in to look at my monitor and continued to shake her head. They advised me to stop eating at this point in the event a csection was to take place. My doctor left to grab dinner and told me she would continue to keep in touch with me.

About an hour later I started feeling really sick. Something was wrong and I could feel it. They took my temperature and I was running a low grade fever. I was crying and just couldn't calm down. They called the doctor and told her what was going on. About 10 minutes later a nurse came in and told me they were going to take me to the operating room. I. WAS. DEVESTATED. I literally couldn't stop crying. I had tried for 17 hours to have her and my body was just determined to keep her in. I was in pain and uncomfortable and knew that this would end in a csection.

Once my doctor came in everything happened so quickly. I had a bunch of doctors and nurses talking to me and explaining what would happen. They drugged the crap out of me and took me to the operating room. Within 15 minutes she was out and I felt like I was in the biggest dream state. I was almost asleep while they were operating on me that's how tired I was. Once she was out she began crying her lungs out and I remember just repeatedly telling my husband that I wanted to hold her. I completely lost it once I got to hold her. She was absolutely perfect. I didn't care that I had gone through hell because she was okay and that's all that mattered.  They wheeled her off a few minutes later and I was left there to be repaired.

My epidural wore off quickly and I started experiencing pain again. When the doctor realized this they put me on morphine. I still felt pain. Once you have a csection they make sure your body heals properly and literally "massage" your abdomen/utereus area every 15 minutes for two hours. This was literally the most painful part of the whole process. I literally was hysterical and cried the entire time. My husband's hand was crushed in the process and my knuckles became bruised a few days later. Once that was over I would be taken to my room.

When I got to my room I got to hold her again. Even though I was exhausted and it had been over 24 hours since I had sleep, I just wanted to hold her. Once I got to hold her I felt like everything would be okay. After we got settled I passed the eff out. Even though the worst was over the pain from my recovery was rough. I later found out that my doctor was so concerned about her that she made the incision larger than she typically does. I wouldn't actually comfortably walk until about two weeks later. Even though the pain is gone that whole area is still tender and I refuse to let anything touch that area. I'm hoping that this all goes away soon and everything can return to normalcy. Until then I will continue to wear my husband's oversized gym shorts lol.

This has been a long post so I'll post again soon so I can talk about how this whole mom experience has been. I'm almost three weeks in and although I'm ridiculously tired, I don't even care. I love this little peanut so freaking much. Our lives are so much happier now.

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