We Run Weston!

So I don't think I've officially mentioned it, but I'm in charge of the local run club for the next couple of months? So how did this happen? Let me tell you!

In the beginning of the year I got an email from the girl in charge of the run club asking me to call her about an opportunity with the run club. I was curious about what she meant by that and called her right away. Once I got on the phone with her, she pretty much told me that she would be tied up the next couple of months and needed someone to hold down the fort in her absence. When she thought about all of the people she could have chosen from, her first thought was me! She said she needed someone who was outgoing, reliable, with a runner physique to be the temporary face of run club, I was so ridiculously honored! Of course I said yes, I mean duh. We said we would talk one more time before I head it up, but she just needed to make sure I was okay with it all. I was on cloud 9!

So far I've led run club about 4 or 5 times! We've had 50-70 people come out so far and it's been a blast!! Is it lame that I kinda love being in charge? I mean you're kinda like a mini celebrity. Plus, I feel like I'm helping people make friendships and run better! Although it's been fun it's still a lot of work! I've got to coordinate a water station out on the course, make sure we have enough water for everyone, grab all the supplies for the club, and ensure I bring the ipad for people to sign waivers. I've also got to meet anyone who is new and talk to them about the club and bring as much energy as I can to make people excited about running. I'm also trying to bring vendors out to the run so people want to come. My goal is to get 100 runners out and to create partnerships with the community!!

So today we had run club again! I found out this morning that a local race company was coming to promote their event and to provide goodies for those members who signed up. They also brought Red Bull to distribute some of their product! We ran 3.77 miles and had about 50 members show up. Overall, good day! What's even better is that I had an absolutely horrible day but run club made me feel better. I came in defeated by the day, and left like I was on top of the world. Not only that, but it seems as though I might have secured an amazing vendor to come out soon ;) ill keep you posted.. Until then... Happy trails ;)

Ps - I started the squat challenge today - 20 squats down!!!

I'm Back!!!

I guess you can say that I've been on a bit of a hiatus. The last four weeks I've been working a bunch of hours and trying to find time to workout when I get the chance. In the meantime I'm trying to have a life and spend time with my husband. That's not impossible, right? Since I got to enjoy this day off I figure I would blog before going to bed.

The last couple of weeks I've been getting my workout routine in by working out later or before heading into work. They say that you make time for the things that are important to you, and I agree completely. This madness should all be done in a week, but it'll be hell until then. So here is to more blogging! I'll start by telling you about my workout today.

Today was another OTF day. Since it was a holiday I got to workout in the middle of the day which is a weird concept to me. The instructor I had today is big on cardio which I always appreciate. Since the class was small we ended up in one big group. Each workout consisted of blocks that were four minutes long. 

The first block was done on the treadmill: three minute push (8.2) with a one minute all out (9.5). The second block was in the weight room: 10 neutral thrusters (15 pounds) and 10 dumbbell swings (25 pounds). The third block was on the row machine: 800 meters in 4 minutes. If you finished early you held a static squat (I held one for 45 seconds).

For the second round, I started the first block on the treadmill: 2.5 minutes push (8.7) with a 45 second base (6.8) and a 45 second all out (10). The second block was in the weight room: 8 dumbbell dead lifts (15 pounds) and 8 (crap I can't remember lol). The third block was on the the row machine: 100 meters doing bicep curls and 100 meters sprint. 

For the third round, I started the first block on the treadmill where we had: 1 minute at base (6.8), 2 minute at a push pace (7) with a 3% incline and a minute all out (8) with a 5% incline. The second block was in the weight room: 10 muscle ups on the SBT straps and 10 "y"s on the SBT straps. The last block was on the rower where we had to do overhead lifts and then row 100 meters. 

This workout was tough and my arms burned!!! They're still burning as we speak. The instructor talked to me after class since I continue to fail to be in huge orange zone. He told me he knows I work hard but my heart rate adapts quickly making it hard for a high heart rate. He told me to push hard in the the beginning and then back off so my heart rate can spike up. I told him that wasn't a bad idea. I'll try it out on Thursday. After class I rode bike back home. It was such a pretty day I figured riding bike to and from the gym would be fun..... And well.... It was :) 

Tomorrow I'm spinning at 5AM so I can get my workout in before work. Nothing crazy. Just a 30 minute spin. I'm also thinking about doing this squat challenge: http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/the-28-day-squat-challenge-youll-want-to-start-now/?utm_source=mfp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=workouts_20150209&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRokuanAZKXonjHpfsX66usrUaa%2Bgokz2EFye%2BLIHETpodcMTsNlPa%2BTFAwTG5toziV8R7DBLM153N8QXRTg

Until tomorrow everyone :) 
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