How to Avoid Being Killed by a Pregnant Woman

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Pre-pregnancy I was irrational on some days. I would have an occasional flare-up but for the most part I was even-keeled. I was bad at communicating and wanted most people to read in between the lines. I loved chocolate and was able to eat whatever I want since I worked out like a maniac. I didn't cry at every commercial and I never really got sick.

Now, I am irrational almost everyday. One little thing can set me off for the rest of the day and I can't recover. I blurt out the truth and now no longer really "sugar-coat" everything. I can no longer really eat any of the foods that I love and my working out routine is reduced to walking and getting steps in for my Fitbit. I cry at every commercial and am sick almost every day.

So why am I telling you this? Because I'm trying to save you from pregnant women. We don't really have any rationale or logic to our moods, but here are some of the things we hate:
  • People telling us how "big" we are.
  • Giving us opinions about how we should raise our unborn child.
  • Talking to us about what foods we should eat (this is a big one - avoid this at all costs).
  • Referring to us as "belly."
  • Telling us "it's not a big deal."
  • Making any smartarse comment - assess our moods before doing this.
  • Asking why we're crying - we don't know so we can't answer you.
Now, I'm just pointing out some of the things that bother me but every pregnant woman is different. The one thing you really want to look for is any indication that we might be peeved or irritated. If not, you'll end up on an episode of snapped.

Some of you might not care about this information, but some of you might avoid being killed by pregnant woman and earn bonus points for avoiding all of our most hated things. You're welcome.

Pregnancy Struggles

One of the things that pregnancy has taught me is that I cannot control my weight. For someone who used to be anorexic, this is a really hard fact for me to accept. I always knew I would have issues with gaining weight, and it doesn't help that I've gained a lot more than my doctor would like me to. I haven't been anorexic since college, but that doesn't mean that body image issues haven't affected me. I guess the reason why I wanted to share this was because so many women try to hide everything negative that has to do with pregnancy. I'm still struggling with this, but am hoping to do better the second half of my pregnancy.

I understand that pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I'm so grateful for this little being inside of me. Feeling her kicking inside of me has been really cool. Sometimes she kicks me a little too hard for my liking but I poke her a lot in there so I get it lol.

I have less than 19 weeks until she gets here and even though it might be too late, I'm going to try to be a little better about everything: sleep, hydration, "working out," and eating. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Almost Halfway There...

So it's been a while since I've posted. Mostly, because I've gotten really busy the last couple of weeks. A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I'll highlight some of these things:
  • I got into a fender bender at work (dealing with insurance companies is a nightmare and I'm STILL dealing with this almost two months later).
  • My husband got into a minor car accident driving to work (luckily he has a truck so he didn't get too much impact).
  • I had a work conference for a couple of days in Buckhead, GA (I got to see one of my best friends which was AWESOME).
  • They thought I was starting to get preeclampsia (this has been fun but I think that my blood pressure is spiking up due to nerves).
I'm hoping I turn to this blog a little bit more because this whole experience has been a rollercoaster and it would be cool to document. Plus, I feel like I have a somewhat humorous view to pregnancy.

I'll spare you all of the overwhelming details that I've been excited about, but I'll highlight some of them:
  • We CONFIRM gender on FRIDAY!! We know what we're having but we're hoping it was the same gender they initially told us.
  • I'm in the process of trying to find a daycare. This whole process has been pretty ridiculous. It's kind of funny though and I already feel like that crazy mom that people talk about at school.
  • I've finally felt Baby Darbut moving around like an Olympic gymnast in my stomach. This has been neat/extremely creepy all at the same time. For someone who doesn't like surprises, this whole pregnancy thing is like a giant EFF you. I am that girl who can't open those Pillsbury roll cans from the fridge for fear of the "pop" sound and here I am with a mini alien kicking me whenever he/she feels like it. Fun - let me tell you.
Overall, pregnancy has been rough. I secretly thought this whole thing would be a walk in the park, but I'm wrong - DEAD wrong. On the bright side, I have a pretty awesome husband who has been dealing with my crazy arse. For example, I had my first real hormonal breakdown yesterday and when he saw it unfolding before his eyes, he laughed and said he's impressed I've lasted this long without having one. And you know what? It made me laugh.

I'll be posting pictures soon and starting to talk about other interesting things I've learned during my pregnancy. None of that frou-frou girly crap. I'm talking about the stuff that girls deal with during pregnancy and how to avoid being killed by a pregnant woman. I'm telling you, you'll want to stay tuned for this. Until then.. happy trails :)
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