Having No Cable or Internet for a Day Sucks

Yesterday we had no cable or Internet. It kind of sucked and I actually cleaned some of the house during the week. I was driving my poor husband crazy so I went on a short bike ride. It was nothing crazy, but I did pull short bursts of 20 mph.

Now, my legs were sore because of orange theory the day before. Let me tell you about our workout.
I first started out with cardio. For cardio we had to do a mile at a push pace followed by 20 squat throws with a weighted ball. Once you finished your 20 squat throws you had to row 1000 meters and then 30 squat throws. The next set consisted of .25 mile, followed by 30 squat throws, a 500 meter row and then 40 squat throws. The third set was .13 miles, followed by 30 squat throws and then 250 meters and 40 squat throws. The last set was 100 meter sprint. I was totally in my element and killed this workout. Once it was over I was tired as hell but I had to move on to the weights. Since my shoulder was hurting I decreased the weight. I honestly can't remember the name of the moves we did but I know we had to do rounds of 15-12-9-6 of different shoulder, chest, and tricep workouts. It sucked and even with smaller weights my arms were burning. After that we had to do a pike move, something with the trx bands, and an upright row. Again.. This sucked.. Finally we had to do a crazy combo of  squats, burpees, bicycle kicks, and v-ups. There was no specific sets, it was all randomly done with an app on the trainer's phone. All in all, my arms were shaking and I burned 563 calories. I'm already signed up for Friday..

Today I was still sore from my orange theory workout. However, I was excited to go to run club because I haven't gone in like three weeks. I wasn't going to go hard, but as you all know I let my competitive side get the best of me. Especially since some guy came up next to me and told me he was going to try to run side by side and beat me because his friend said I was fast. Lame. However, it did give me the extra motivation to make me push during the run. I ended up running 3.63 in 31:02. I would have liked to go a little faster but the heat is ridiculous. I'm hoping I might be able to go a bit faster next time. Oh.. And I did beat that guy.. Ha!

Watching my calories..

I hate to apologize for the lack of blogging, but I'm sorry! This past week I went on a trip to Columbus, Ohio and had planned to go for a run, but because of the sketchiness around the hotel I decided against it. However, I did run on the treadmill and get some weights in :)

I got home Wednesday night and decided to take Thursday off from any type of working out. I did schedule an orange theory class Friday early morning and totally got my butt kicked. The girl who teaches the class is a complete machine and got me to burn 100 more calories than I typically do. The only thing that sucked about the workout is that a nerve in my shoulder was pinched and I think I aggravated it during the workout. It would end up bothering me the entire weekend..

Saturday I woke up in pain and so I figured I better do something low impact. I was also shooting for convenience, and so I hopped on my bike and spun while watching some tv. Talk about relaxation... Sunday I woke up in pain again but I really wanted to run. I hadn't really nailed down a distance, and I wanted to hop on the scale to check out my weight. My eyes kinda popped out of my head when I saw that I gained 5 pounds in the last two months. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I've seen how weight slowly creeps on. Before you know it 5, becomes 10, 10 becomes 15 and so on. I mean eventually the weight gain stops, but before you know it, you're running more and eating less. If you know my take on eating, well dieting is like starvation mode to me. So after I saw the scale I decided to go in a nice 4 mile run. I also decided to start calorie counting again. I tried it years ago and it made me realize how much crap I was really eating. I figured I would try it again and logged in to the my plate section on the live strong site. This site is awesome and is filled with tons of information. I'm two days in and have been doing pretty well. Although I haven't completely eliminated sweets, I'm definitely getting a better handle on my food intake.

Now as you know, every plan has a goal, and while my long term goal is to look fantastic in Vegas (if we end up going), my short term goal is to be healthy for my birthday in Sanibel in a couple of weeks...

Now, since I had a lot to catch up on.. I'll talk about my crazy orange theory workout today on tomorrow's post.. Until then.. Goodnight :)

Starting to Enjoy Running again..

This past week I've been trying to organize the house. Yeah we've been trying to settle down, but there is random crap in everywhere room and its annoying :) So, every day I've been trying to accomplish one task so I don't leave it all for the weekend!! So far my plan is working. I've even managed to cook dinner AND workout!

This past week I ended up biking at home (after being super sore from orange theory on Sunday). It actually went pretty well. I blasted my iPod as I cycled indoors while watching tv. I went hard on every other song, totaling out to about 5 songs. One of my songs is "She's a maniac," and well let's just be real.... That is a great song to cycle to.

I don't really remember what I scheduled to do on Tuesday, but Wednesday I ran on the treadmill!!! It was my first inaugural run in the new house and it sucked lol. Since it was in the garage it was super hot!! After 2.5 miles I was exhausted and had to come in to cool down and not die. I finished 3 miles but had to be much more smart about my pace instead of starting out like a bat out of hell.

Thursday I ended up trying the 5:45 class at orange theory and it wasn't half bad. I liked the instructor but wished she had better music during the class. Having good music is essential to a group class, especially when you want me to push my limits in the weight room and treadmill. I did however, like how she got down on the floor with you to push you while you were in between sets or encourage you when you needed it. I will definitely go to her again, but not this coming week.

Friday I took off, but Saturday I ran 5 miles. It was the first time I actually enjoyed running again. I had my headphones on and just started going. I wasn't trying to hit a certain time, but after mile 2 I looked down at my watch and realized I was going at an 8:30 min/mile. Since I was running at 9:30 am the sun was blaring and I had to pace myself a little better, but when I finished I was smiling. I don't know if it was the fact that I put zero pressure on myself to hit a time, or if the conditions were perfect, but I started falling in love with running again. I went running again today and I didn't think about how much longer until I reached the end. Instead I was thinking I could keep going. I'm glad this love came back, because I was getting worried. I mean, I know I'm not the biggest person on the planet, but I love to eat and running allows me to eat a lot. Overall, this is a complete win.


After taking a break from "training" for a specific race or event (even from blogging), I was re-energized. Mentally, I felt happier. Physically, my body was free from pain. I was at one with the universe (ok - not really but running-wise I was).

 Since I've been MIA from the blogging world, I'll highlight some of the events that have happened this past month:

  • I raced in the Mini Motivation Man triathlon - this race was one of my scariest. I still wasn't feeling well but decided to do this race anyways. I ended up swallowing a bunch of water and started choking. As I was choking, I started to full fledge panic for about 30 seconds. My chest got tights and I thought I was going to have to be pulled out by the kayaks. After I stopped choking, I calmed myself down and took some deep breaths. I started swimming again, but very slowly. After the swim I was fine, and I ended up finishing the race under 1:30.
  • I added on to my Orange Theory membership. Instead of only going once a week, I'm going twice a week. I still love it even after going for a month. The workouts are hard and are not part of my typical routine. My weakest area is in TRX training. My upper body is not very strong so I usually get burned in the weight room. I'm trying to get better, and hoping I can get stronger after my 7 months are over.
  • I tried out a new church today. It's really close and I was hoping that I would like it, but I definitely didn't. The church was crowded, people didn't participate during worship, and the priest was monotonous. Oh well at least I tried it.
  • I put together my treadmill!! It's been in pieces in the garage and this past week I finally put it together. I haven't run on it yet, but I'm sure I'll get the chance to in the next couple of weeks. You can count on the summer rains to try to ruin my running plan.
  • I'm probably signing up for 2 more triathlons. I haven't registered yet, but plan to in the next week. You know the rules, it's not 100% truth until you're registered.
That about wraps it up! We're still getting settled into the new house. It's a slow process and we still have a lot to do, but it's ours! We absolutely love the house and can't be any happier. I can't believe we've already been here over a month and have accomplished so much. Our next project is the kitchen - say goodbye to the chili pepper cabinet handles and hello to Ikea cabinets!

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