Oh the Holidays!

It seems like this time of the year people stop working out less and eating more. I try hard to keep portions a normal size and workout about the same if possible. The biggest thing you can do for yourself is put some sort of accountability checking place so you don't skip a workout. For me, I schedule a workout class with a friend or tell someone I'm going for a run. It works almost every time. 

I know it's been a while since I've blogged. Almost two weeks ago I was on vacation which was a blast and this past week I was busy getting ready for thanksgiving. During my vacation I managed to get a couple of runs in. The best run I had was in Monterrey. It was absolutely beautiful, and when you have beautiful scenery you easily lose yourself on a run. Each time I ran I aimed for at least 3 miles. When we went to Vegas I ended up logging four miles trying to scope out sort of the strip. After the run my husband and I walked a good part of the strip and all together it looks Ike we walked more then ten miles. Which gets me to my next point.. I lost three pounds when I came back from vacation. 

I was so stoked when I weighed myself. For sure I thought I gained weight. When I saw the weight loss, I was determined to keep it off and try to lose a couple of more pounds. So when N told me she was going to go on a cleanse, I jumped on board. The cleanse wasn't horrible and allowed you to actually eat food. The biggest key to the cleanse was drinking a gallon of water with lemon in it. Im not going to lie, it's probably the most hydrated I've been in my life. Although I didn't follow the diet to the tee, it did help me lose 2 pounds. So, even with the weight loss, I am still down only three pounds after thanksgiving which in my mind isn't too bad. 

Yesterday I tried to recover from the food comma most of us were probably in and ran 5 miles. I ended up averaging under a 9 min/mile which was a plus. Today I scheduled a workout at my gym with my friend j. It was intense and I burned a little under 500 calories. Now, I just need to hold it together until Christmas.... Tomorrow I'm probably going to relax my legs and cycle on the stationary bike. 

Operation Lose 5 Pounds is a Fail!!!

So I'm about to go on my trip to San Francisco, and I was unsuccessful at losing 5 pounds. The only frustrating part is that I actually tried to lose weight. I traded my egg breakfast for protein shakes and tried to eat cleaner, but I was unsuccessful.

I know that when you're trying to lose weight, it's a frustrating battle. You don't see any progress and you throw in the towel. I know I rolled off the wagon when I weighed myself after 3 days and saw absolutely no difference in my weight. What did I do? Had a giant chocolate piece of cake. Did I feel bad about it? Maybe a little, but it was worth it at the time lol.

So that night I worked out harder and pushed myself, but the damage was already done. I'm hoping when I get back I might be able to keep up with the protein shakes in the morning and maybe follow a nutritional plan. I also want to try waking up early a couple of times during the week to get my workouts in. However, I'll keep my Orange Theory night classes :)

I can't wait until my trip. I packed running clothes hoping that I would be able to get some runs in and check out the amazing scenery. I can't wait..

Operation Lose 5 Pounds Before San Francisco

I'm leaving to San Francisco in less than 2 weeks and I am so excited!!! The only downfall to this amazing trip is that I will gain weight while on vacation. I mean it's almost inevitable. You are not following your normal routine, you're eating out almost every meal, and well let's just face it you don't want to count every calorie you consume. For the most part I try to workout while I'm on vacation, but it's nothing like my normal routine. So, when I get back on the scale it is a sad number looking back at me. This time I've got a different plan - what if I lose weight before I go on vacation? Pure genius? Maybe so!

So I started operation lose 5 pounds before San Francisco on Sunday. On Sunday I went to Orange Theory's one and a half hour long workout class. Not only did I go to class, but I ran over a mile to class and back! The class was absolutely ridiculous (so running back home wasn't the brightest idea). I'm used to the hour long class, and so 40 minutes into the class I was already dying.  The class started like every other class - treadmill interval workout, followed by weights; however, the last twenty minutes we were paired up with a partner and performed different workouts that we picked out of a bowl. So, every pair was doing something different at the end. In that class I burned 700 calories, plus whatever I burned running my 2 miles. As far as my diet for the day, I ate pretty well overall for the rest of the day. the TRX bands,

Yesterday I went to Orange Theory again for their hour long class. It wasn't too crazy and wasn't cardio heavy so I only ended up burning 400 calories. I wish I could say what my cardio/weight intervals consisted of, but they're workouts I don't typically do and we do so many sets of different intervals so it's hard to keep track of. My nutrition was healthy yesterday as well since I was out of the office and I didn't have an opportunity to really snack.

Today I didn't workout but I did eat healthy. For the love of pete, I had a freaking salad with chicken breast for lunch. I never have salad for lunch but I figured I would continue my healthy eating trend. I do have to say that I had a cookie and sharkbites today as well. However, those two things definitely didn't offset my diet completely.

Tomorrow I'm running with the run club I typically go to. They have a triathlon group visiting and I'm hoping to maybe hook up with them for next year. I tried contacting this triathlon group when I first moved down, but I never received a reponse. Maybe this time I'll have some success and be able to train with them when they do their workouts. Fingers crossed.
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