I'm Back!!

So I've taken some time off of running as you can obviously tell, but I think I'm back for good :) I decided to take classes during the fall, and well.. let's just say that my time has been extremely limited for extra curricular activities.

So let me update you on what I've been doing... Well first off I am currently injured...I was starting off my 8 mile run when I twisted my ankle pretty bad and had to limp home. Luckily, I was only like .66 from where I started. My ankle is still hurting but veryyy slowly getting better... I've been biking so that I can get my heart rate up and not lose my cardio endurance. Tomorrow I'll try to ride my bike for 30 miles.. the most I've ever done.

Running wise, before the injury I was running 8-9 miles on the weekends (Saturdays) and then biking and running (Sundays) to practice how I would feel for the Half-Iron. The most I had gotten up to was two weeks ago when I biked 21 miles and then ran 5 mile afterwards. I was sucking wind but I made it!!!!!! I ran the whole way..We'll see what level I'll be at when I come back from injury..

Next weekend, I will be in Georgia and hopefully will be able to run the trails. If I could run while I'm on travel then I can possibly get my mileage back up quickly. However, I will keep spinning until then....

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