So... I'm Pregnant!!!

It's true!!! We couldn't be happier, but this whole morning sickness/all day illness has kicked my butt and has deterred me from blogging. In order to welcome our newest addition to our sweet little family here is a picture of our announcement!

I must admit that this whole pregnancy thing is much harder than I anticipated. I've been tired, sick, and not in the mood to workout which is very unlike me. I have succumbed to a lifestyle of inactivity, and as much as it's appealing, it's definitely not healthy.

I stopped running once I found out I was pregnant because I was scared. It's hard to get past that mental block that running won't hurt the baby. I mean when you think about it, it makes sense because the baby is a tiny little thing that is protected with a whole lot of cushioning. Combine this fear with feeling sick and tired, and you can't blame me for just staying home and sleeping or drinking ginger ale.

However, this week everything changed. I'm slowly starting to feel better and decided to stop the rapid weight gain (I've gained over 10 pounds in the first trimester when they only recommend that you gain about 5-7 pounds). I know this doesn't sound like a huge number, but I am a big believer that once you let weight slowly creep on, those 10 pounds will turn into 60 pounds, and so on.

So you can say that I let life happen. I gave in to the easier path for a little while. And you know what? It's okay. Because life happens and we have to deal with it and move on. So to celebrate the fact that I feel better, I started working out again. Since I stopped running completely about 6 weeks ago, I knew that I just couldn't get back into it. I decided to start training again with a program I put together for my beginners. It's just a simple 30 minute workout that consists of 3 minutes "easy" with 1 minute "hard." I decided to make my "hard" a slow jog so I can start back into my "jogging career."
In total I had about 8 minutes of jogging within the 30 minute block. I'll try to do this workout three times a week for now and in three weeks I will change it up.

I also bought some pregnancy videos and hope to incorporate those into my workout week as well. Now, I'm not trying to lose weight or try to get back into my running career. All I simply want to do is be healthier. I also want to be able to feel good about myself after I have the baby. All I've ever wanted is to show my child is that I am strong. I am someone that they could feel proud of and respect. And if anything, I can show them how hard work and dedication pay off and how good that can make you feel.

I am so beyond excited about this baby. I've already started worrying about him or her. And yes, I'm already paranoid about everything. Although I know this baby will change my life (for the better), I don't want to give up the part of my life that I've loved since forever: running. And you know what else? I know I won't give it up, but I'll blend it in with my life. Winning top three overall will no longer be as important to me as spending time with my baby, and that's okay. Funny how something so little can change our lives. But like I said, it's okay because it's changed myself for the better. And that's all we try to do for ourselves every day - become a better version of ourselves.

Stay tuned to see what else life brings us... I promise I'll try to keep up my blog much more frequently than I have in the past three months. And until my next blog post, happy trails :)
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