One Week Until the Golf Tournament

So today officially marks a week until the golf tournament. I'm honestly praying that I am blessed by the golf gods and magically become stellar at golf. I have been practicing the last couple of days. Trying my hardest to focus on the only 2 things I think I can do well during the tournament: hit the bar far and putt. Tomorrow I will go on the golf range and continue my practice. I must admit that I've been sore after I go to the range. I guess I'm working a different set of muscles.

In the meantime I've been continuing my regular activities: Orange Theory and running. Last week I attended my run club where I actually ran at a slower pace than usual. Thursday I tried an early Orange Theory class in the morning and I really enjoyed it (I'm actually doing it again this week). Friday I had my typical workout after work day and Saturday I ran 4 miles.

This week I started my week with Orange Theory which was awesome because my favorite instructor came back post-baby. Let me tell you something - she looks absolutely fantastic. I hope that happens to me whenever I have kids lol. Anyways she totally kicked my butt: we split our time between the treadmill, rower, and the weight room. The time blocks were not like our typical time blocks, but I know I spent about 18-20 minutes on the treadmill where we had to run a variety of "push" intervals and "sprint intervals." These intervals typically didn't last for more than 2 minutes and were followed up by a recovery at "base" pace.

In the weight room we spent about 10-15 minutes and our workouts consisted of: squats with a snatch (20 pound weights - what?!??!?); hammer curls, tricep extensions on the SBT straps, squats with a reverse fly, and alternating superman leglifts. On the rower we spent 15-20 minutes getting some rowing in couple with strength exercises with a megaball and squat. At the very end of class we spent about 5 minutes targeting the core with different exercises. Overall, a win for the workout.

Tomorrow I'll get a nice 3 mile run in - I can't wait!!! Until the next blog post: Happy Trails!!
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