Impromptu Cycling Session

This morning I had to go and get an oil change. I hate doing car things. I feel like mechanics and car dealerships automatically make women feel inferior and defeated. So needless to say I hate even dropping my car off for an oil change. Yes, I hate it.

So.... before going to the dreaded dealership I decided to run 3 miles with the baby. I knew the weather would be cooler this weekend and I had to take advantage of being outdoors. It was probably one of the slowest runs that I've had in a while but I really didn't care. I just wanted to run 3 miles - who cares if it took me 34 minutes lol.

After my run I got home and started getting ready to head over to the dealership. My husband was going to drop me off and then we were all going to head up to this fancy pumpkin patch like an hour away. Well - it's funny how kids crap on the plans you have for yourself. Elizabeth had been acting cranky and was most likely going to nap soon. My husband suggested I just ride my bike back home and he would watch her while I was gone. I pretty much jumped at the chance. So I packed my bike and headed to the dealership.

When I got to the dealership I kinda felt like a badass. I mean - I was going to ride my bike back home, and not just any bike - my sexy Cervelo. So I complete all of the paperwork they need and bust out my bike. I had to snicker because two people totally complimented me on my bike and how nice it was. That bike gets way more compliments than I do lol. I hopped on my bike and headed back home.

Let me tell you something - it was a BEAUTIFUL ride. The weather was perfect; the traffic was at an all time minimal; and, I didn't have a care in the world. It was so nice just being outdoors. Granted I live less than 5 miles from the dealership, but who cares. It's funny how some of us don't take the time to just be outdoors. To notice the temperature and the sights around us or to feel the sun on our skin. It was such a rush. So when they called to pick my car back up of course I had to ride back.

This literally might be my new thing - riding my bike to and from the dealership when I get an oil change. I had absolutely no idea that I would do that today but I'm so glad I did. It definitely made going to the dealership less painful. I also have to admit I'm kinda looking forward to the next time I have to drop my car off for an oil change.

Tomorrow is going to suck though. I'm planning on riding 40 miles. Wish me luck.... I'm totally going to need it.....


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